Friday, February 24, 2012

Be Friends with Nature!

Hello my dear friends!

It's been a while. I started meditating one day and never came back to Earth. But now I'm back, and I sure am glad I'm here with you again. It's important to remain present and aware sometimes. But more on that another time...

Anyway, I've made another Moon Sky sermon, but this time outdoors and with all my friends in Nature! I want to encourage you to continue your journeys adventuring into Nature even when some paths have ended.

Please watch my movie, "The Journey" to understand my message to you:

Remember: The path has ended, but the journey continues.
Continue living your life even though you face obstacles around you or inside you sometimes.

Want to share this message to your friends? You can print out this guide as a gift to them!

Well, it was great re-connecting with you again! Hope to do this again soon!

Moon Sky

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