Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Belated Springtime Transformations!

Hi Friends! It's Moon Sky again.
It's been waaaaay tooooo loooooooooong!!!!!! I know. I've been hibernating in Latin America and making some spiritual connections with ancient gods and goddesses trying to learn more about personal transformations and growth!

Well, why don't you just watch what I have to say? It's ok that spring just left, but inside each of us, we can always do some inner-shedding of impurities and negative vibes in our souls! It's ok to be a late-bloomer like me! I almost missed the North American spring season entirely!

Keep an eye out for my visual sermons of spring coming soon!

Moon Sky

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  1. Hey Moon sky! Welcome home from Peru. Sounds like you had some interesting times there :) Mission shedding is on ;)